03 dostalkova hysteric glamour

Hysteric Glamour
Daniela&Linda Dostálková

Essay: Hans-Christian Dany
Translation: Carrie C. Roseland
Producer: Miloš Lochman
Contortionist: Klára Trombíková

Graphic design: OK-RM
Publisher: InOtherWords, London, 2018

English edition, 240 x 170 mm
ISBN: 978-0-9932238-6-0

04 dostalkova hysteric glamour

Hysteric Glamour is a two-act eco-drama that proposes a post-traumatic, authentic way of knowing and caring for nature that requires a radical reconstruction of our idea of love. Displayed narratives, in their distinct ways, emphasize the shift from heroic to holistic ethics. The book presents two distinct works (one video piece and one photo essay) conceived between 2016–2017. It is offered as an 80pp board book with a hinged spine and an ultra high gloss finish. Order here.

05 dostalkova hysteric glamour
03 dostalkova hysteric glamour
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01 dostalkova hysteric glamour

This publication was made possible through the generous support of Radka Šmejcová and Jiří Šmejc