Title 07 the process of measuring

The Process of Measuring
series of prints, 70x100 cm

Research, identification and description of principles applied by psychology, experimental pedagogy, corporate strategy, teambuilding and coaching. We use the scientific methods of measuring the human psyche, as well as communication business strategies in parallel.

The contemporary art world uses its own, exclusive language. We wanted to expand beyond the framework of this exclusive environment. The act thus provokes the stray principle of thought, and aims to increase the personal and professional of the viewer and participator. The medium of surroundings and language will create a framework for new forms of communication.

In this particular case, the methods of examination are not motivated by attempts to popularize science. They gradually change from archiving, keeping record and reproduction to footnotes containing documentation and notes about experiments, depiction and observation of teambuilding, gestures, instinctive protection of one’s private space, minor observations.

We have been slowly moving from academic premises to a twisted logic, observed patterns of social behaviour and overlapping of ideas and their sources. We have always been using documentation of past years though. At least one source has always been true and measurable. The Process of Measuring has always been triggered by a clear signal to be able to get its result. On the other hand, a weird process has been taking place where parameters and expectations may come out as ambiguous and it is not possible to evaluate them. An error may hence represent a deviation from the norm, braking given rules, getting different results.

01 dostalkova the process of measuring the tallest tower

The Tallest Tower (Team Building Technique)

03 dostalkova the process of measuring the tower in cooperation

The Tower in Cooperation

02 dostalkovathe process of measuring laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga

11 dostalkova the process of measuring dexterimeter device

Dexterimeter Device

09 dostalkova the process of measuring potato icebreaker

The Potato Icebreaker (Team Building Technique)

06 dostalkova the process of measuring spaghetti marshmallow challenge

The Spaghetti-Marshmallow Challenge (Team Building Technique)

07 dostalkova the process of measuring hair color panel

Hair Color Panel

08 dostalkova the process of measuring edges abrasion

Edges Abrasion (Team Building Technique)

010 dostalkova the process of measuring lipstick shape personality

Lipstick Shape Personality

Elevator Groupthink: A Psychology Experiment in Conformity

Independence of opinion is both a crucial ingredient in making collectively wise decisions and one of the hardest things to keep intact. Solomon Asch conducted in 1962 an elevator experiment to investigate the extent to which social pressure from a majority group could affect a person to conform. Apparently, people conform for two main reasons: because they want to fit in with the group (normative influence) and because they believe the group is better informed than they are (informational influence). An elevator simulates minimal architectonic structures that respond to the social and psychological use of space. Series records how people use their bodies to resist conformity and it poses questions of what it means to conform or to deviate.

11 dostalkova the process of measuring elevator groupthink
12 dostalkova the process of measuring elevator groupthink
13 dostalkova the process of measuring elevator groupthink

I would like to thank to Simona Horáková Hoskovcová and Pavel Uhlář from Department of Psychology at Charles University in Prague and Dalibor Vobořil from Department of Psychology at Masaryk University in Brno.